Poll: Which is better?

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    Samsung a900 or Samsung m610? Also, explain your reasoning.
    I chose The Samsung a900 since I have it. They're both thin, but The a900 has a better external display and stereo speakers. The buttons look better too. The stuff I like about The m610 is that it has expandable memory.

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    Re: Which is better?

    I have neither, so my unbiased opinion will naturally hold the most weight.

    I choose the m610 based on a tried and true method of scientific reasoning which to this day has never faltered in producing exact answers of "bestestness" between products such as these.

    When comparing 2 models such as the a900 and the m610 everyone knows that the nomenclature of the model reveals all that is needed for an accurate depiction of greatness. The "m" in the model m610 comes after the "a" in the model a900, therefore the m610 is of greater technology and far superior to that of it's 13 letter lesser 2nd cousin, the a900. Now I realize that the a900 has a bigger number in its model tag than the m610, which may throw you at first. It's OK though, it almost got me too, but this only means that the a900 is of a better stature in it's class... the aXXX's, while the m610 is just above the average in it's class of the mXXX's. I have to say if I were to choose, I would first check to make sure that Samsung didn't offer a m900 as this would be the "uber" (as the kids say, and that one guy from the Quizno's commercial) Samsung cellular phone.

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    Re: Which is better? a900 or m610


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    Re: Which is better? a900 or m610

    I just went through comparing these two phones and ended up buying the M610. While I like the external mp3 player controls on the A900, I have no idea what they were thinking putting in 64mb(or whatever it has) of memory on a phone with mp3 controls on the outside. I liked the external card for the M610. I got 1gb for $13. I also liked the rubberized type finish on the M610 over the hard plastic of the A900. Everything else to me wasn't a huge deal but those are my pros and cons.

    PS- The M610s internal display is amazing and its thinner.

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    Re: Which is better? a900 or m610

    Not having expandable memory (w/ an mp3 player) is not good.

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