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    How do I access the service menu for a Sprint Samsung A920 ?

    I have a Samsung SPH-A920 (or MM-A920); It's a Sprint phone, and I'm trying to get it activated in Canada with Aliant (Bell). (Bought it on eBay)

    Here they use "##675# ok", and it takes them to a SVC Menu where the phone number etc can be changed. - But this code doesn't work on the sprint phone so they can't even try to do anything yet.

    I can press "##786#" and it takes me to RTN Menu where I have 2 choices, 1.System or 2.Clear Memory. If I press 2, it asks for a Service Code. I've tried 549102, 040793, and 192147, none of which work (and I have no idea what it'd do if it did work) Can anyone tell me what that's all about?

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    Re: A920 Programming (SVC Menu) ? ?

    Your phone is obviously locked with spc/msl. You need to obtained this code then enter ##spc#, and this will take you to the NAM programming (short-hand).

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    Re: A920 Programming (SVC Menu) ? ?

    OPM, keep in mind that some people don't have advanced knowledge of cell phones, if the solution was obvious to them they wouldn't be asking for our help.

    A helpful guide to finding the spc code can be found at: The One. The Final. Samsung A920 Hacking Thread.

    Once you have this then can use it to program your phone.

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