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    I just bought a Samsong A645 cell phone, but I cannot access the wireless web. Whenever I try, it says 404 Forbidden. It's not that I dont have minutes, becuase I have lots with a Pay and Talk plan, and I am in range because my friend who has an identical phone went on to the web with his phone for me, worked perfectly for him. I am getting very angry as I spent another 10 dolars on a Web Browser thing on Telusmobility.com, but it still doesn't work. On my phones description it says Wireless Web surfing is enabled. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Wireless Web Won't work

    does ur plan include access to the net?

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    Re: Wireless Web Won't work

    If you bought your phone used the web browser on it may be configured incorrectly, bring it to the Telus store and they'll fix it.

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