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    Hi: my wife broke the antenna on her A790. I could fit it back into its socket and it works fine, but it is not very stable. I was going to glue it in, but then after looking closer it appears to me that the antenna can be replaced. I have it taped now. Sprint says (at local store) that it can't- the entire back of the phone has to be replaced. Verizon, who sold the same phone- tells me all sumsungs have non replaceable antennas (from guy at store). So am I the idiot, or is everone working at cell phone stores. The odds are against me, but someone has to know for sure.

    Thanks, Bob

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    Re: Samsung A790 antenna? who is the idiot here?

    I think it can be replaced. I'm taking a look at an a670 that I have lying around, and it looks like it can just be fit into place with some krazy glue. Is the entire plastic taken off the back under the battery?

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    Re: Samsung A790 antenna? who is the idiot here?

    man i sell phones for a living almost every part of every phone can be ordered, personaly i would just upgrade but if u like the phone and can fix it

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