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    I recently purchased a brand new Blackjack from Cingular and I'm having a problem with it. I'm not sure if others who owns a Blackjack is having this problem, but from my research on the net it seems like others are. My problem occurs when I try to sync my phone to my computer using the usb port that came in the box. Once the usb is plugged to the computer it should be working properly, but for some reason it's not. I hear my phone beep when I plug the usb but for some reason Microsoft ActiveSync is not reading it. When I tried to install the CD that came in the box I couldn't install ActiveSync. It says that I need to download a new service pack for MS XP but I already have the current version of the service pack. Instead, I just downloaded the new ActiveSync 4.5. I have double checked everything and still nothing shows up. This is my first time purchasing a Smartphone so any help would be appreciated. Help me please before I return this! Thanks

    P.S. My computer doesn't support bluetooth capability.

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    Re: Samsung Blackjack ActiveSync problem. HELP!!!

    Sorry I can't help with this particular question... but I wanted to point out to you that you can edit posts for 10 minutes after you post them, if you look to the bottom right corner of the post within the 10-minute period, you'll see the Edit button and find that there is no need to repost the same question twice. I merged these posts to see what was different about them and then I edited the original post for you so I could delete the duplicate posting.

    Someone will hopefully come along soon that has some experience with your problem...

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