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    I purchased two matching Samsung c417 cell phones on December 1 of 06. They both worked fine although neither one was used very much. Last week I was cutting my hill with a string trimmer and did not notice that the phone had come lose and fallen to the ground. I continued cutting and noticed it about 15 minutes later. It had only fallen from my waist to the ground,about 34 inchs and it landed on grass and I could not see any damage other than the battery cover had come off. When I picked the phone up there was a white screen displayed and some numbers but not phone numbers and I don't ever recall seeing this screeen before. I tried pushing some buttons and nothing happened and the screen display remained unchanged despite me pressing several buttons so I removed the battery and then reinserted it but that only made things worse because then it would'nt turn on at all. It won't do anything no matter what I do. I tried another fully charged battery from my other c417 Samsung and it still does not respond at all. I even plugged it into the charger and it does not even register that it's charging. it won't do anything or make any noises. I have checked the phone over very closely and do not see any damage to it at all,not even a scratch. The ground and the grass where it landed was sof and dry and nothing near by that it could have hit. I even felt the area it landed and could not feel any rocks or hard ground there so I am at a lose to explain what happened to it Is it possible that it needs a code or something to turn it back on? I no longer have the receipt for the purchase of the phones although I do still have both boxs and all the manuals. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I mught try to get this phone turned back on? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: HELP!! samsung c417 won't turn on.

    That's really weird... your best bet would probably to contact Samsung and tell them the exact same thing. I'm honestly not sure what that could have been. Maybe you just dropped it that "just right place to damage it".

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