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    Ok I just got a new Verizon U540 yesterday. I really enjoy the phone but my old Cingular phone I think I liked more. For the simple fact that it wasn't hard to put ringtones on it. Verizon is starting to irritate me because you get turned around just to do the easiest things. So is it even possible to put my own ringtones on my U540 phone? I was using smash the tones and they worked absolutly perfect. Now not so much because Verizon won't allow me to get the ringtone from my web browser. So I downloaded a music thing to cut songs so I can use a portion of it as a ringtone and I don't think that can work either. My boyfriend who still has Cingular used this downloader music thing and it works fine. If anybody knows anyway of how to use my own ringtones instead of paying effin' $2.00 let me know. Thanx!

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    Re: Is this even possible?

    Try using an uploader site like Phone Uploader
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