Hello I wanted to flasher my d820 I have to find tfs and .bin when I put him(it) on oneland lite1.8 I cohe of have automobile nand size(format) and I click star but his(her,its) display
** Mobile Wait for Connect Request from...
Bitter nothing more I have already close but he(it) but the year asks in best to load(charge)?
That to make

translate francais

bonjour je voulais flasher mon d820 j'ai trouver tfs et .bin quand je le met sur oneland lite1.8
je cohe d'ont auto nand format et je clique sur star
mais sa m'affiche

** Wait for Connect Request from Mobile...
** (POWER ON the PHONE!)

apres plus rien j'ai deja etaint mais il se mais an charge au mieux de charger ?
que faire

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