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    Hi ,

    I tried to install a java game in Samsung E250. But i came across this error "Install error" can anyone pls tell me how to install a jar file in E250.

    Thanx !

    See More: Install Jar file in E250
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    Re: Install Jar file in E250

    How can i Install Jar file in E250? with what programs i should do that???????

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    Re: Install Jar file in E250

    See this thread here:
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    Re: Install Jar file in E250

    u only need the jar file

    u go to menu}extra}apps then u install it from here.
    how ever
    u can not install a java game that u have placed in your mmc via the usb cable...
    but u can put it in the correct directory and folder using FExplorer
    when u open FExplorer, go to E: then u will find the jar. file, go to options and select copy.
    then go back out and into directory C:Nokia/Installs and go to options and select paste
    now u can go to appz and u will there will come a message saying u have uninstalled apps on your phone
    press gamepad right and select install and thats that

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