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    I just recently got the Samsung SCH-A645 on a TELUS Pay&Talk, it will not let you download images, games or Ringtones unless you buy the Only from TELUS , at a Steep Price, EXP: $3.50 a TrueTone,
    it does have JAVA, BREW Capabilities, Plays MIDI & MP3 for ringtones, Voice command, WAP, 500 Contact entry, Schedual/Calendar, Text messaging, and other basic features, i payed $91.00 after taxes and got $50 in air-time,

    The only Program that i found available is, a Program from the main Samsung Site SCH-A645 Contact copier, (it just lets you copy/update/edit contacts,) & the other program i got was a Program from DATAPILOT, it supports Contacts and Schedual/Calendar.

    I was able to put my own tone and images on this phone by replacing download tones & Images with my own made one's.


    Here are some codes that work for me

    ##TEST = (##8378) - test mode
    ##DEBUG = (##33284) - debug mode
    ##DATA = (##3282) - Wireless web user info (UsrName+Password)
    ##BROWSER = (##2769737) (more wap settings) IP, Connection , Network, Etc,)
    ##RTN ok = (##786 then ok button) RTN MENU, 1 SYSTEM - 2 CLEAR MEMORY - 3 Factory Reset

    Im on telus, so i enter:
    ##TELUS for programing mode

    most of these will require a code, SPC, MSL or Other programing code,
    for debug mode i seem to find Samsungs main code works fine "##DEBUG - 183729,

    Data and test mode some ppl find 000000 works, if not, you will have to find your MSL/SPC code with Bit-Pim, (read more about Bit-Pim Process Below)

    (if on telus)
    you will also find MSL/SPC code with Bit-Pim:

    I was able to use BIT-PIm 1.0.0 for my Phone, it read all files from phone

    i have a Samsung SCH-A645 from telus, Pay&Talk, Bit-Pim Doesnet have a option for this phone, but when i set BitPim to a "A670" phone it opened up, and retrieved file from my phone, try bitPim
    with diffrent settings,
    when you get to view your files and folders, look for a folder named "nvm", got to another folder named "nvm" inside this folder i found my my programing code & msl code in a file named "nvm_0002" , select this file with Pit-Pim, Right Click , Then hex Dump, you will see afew numbers and letters on the right hand side of the hexdump window, look for two "6 digit" number codes seperated by a " . " , the first is your Programming code, and the second is the MSL code,

    Hope this little Info was useful,

    I would rate this Phone a 6/10,


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    Re: SAMSUNG SCH - A645 , Review / Codes (telus)

    I have a Samsung a950 from Telus, pay as you go, and I was able to get the MSL code. However, I do not know how to unlock/program the phones settings so that I can download mp3/true tones on to my phone.

    The Samsung a950 according to Telus is locked to act as a modem for a pc, or laptop, and cannot use data programs.

    I took a look at the codes you posted, but I did not understand what all of the settings where for.

    Could you post more detailed instructions of how you were able to get ringtones, and graphics on to your Samsung phone from Telus?

    I tried to use Datapilot, Bitpim, Samsung PstLite, CDMA Workshop, and QPST.

    The programs all scan the com port used by the cell phone ok. However, they fail to detect any cell phone connected to the computer, due to the data lock put in place by Telus. This is really frustrating , and I'm stuck for other options to try.

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