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    Once upon a time I had a lot of strong jack and cokes. Really... strong..

    I sent a lot of text messages which I prefer not to know what they said. I do know that I was a dumbass and added about 1000 'words' to my T9 dictionary that definitely are a hassle to deal with because they come up first when I'm typing. I must have kept screwing up words and instead of correcting it just hitting 'add' (damnit).
    etc etc

    Can I reset the dictionary somehow? Also.. I read in the manual that the word you choose (when you hit '0' to change the *****ed word) is supposed to come up first when you choose it. But it doesnt do that for me. Every time I type 'where' or 'you' i have to correct it.. its supposed to just correct it once and go with the last choice i picked next time i use that word. Whats the dealio

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    Re: How do I undo my drunken foolish mistakes on my Samsung SYNC.....?

    How To Add Words:

    To add a word to the T9 dictionary, switch to multi-tap (ABC) mode, enter the desired word, and then switch back to T9 mode. T9 automatically adds the word to its dictionary.

    NOTE: It is not possible to edit the T9 dictionary directly. Once a word has been added, there are no options for deletion.

    For more information on the T9 dictionary and its features, plus tutorials, please check the T9 website at T9 Text Input

    Your only option would seem to be to add the correctly *****ed word using the proper key presses. That should move the correct *****ing ahead of the incorrect one.
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    Re: How do I undo my drunken foolish mistakes on my Samsung SYNC.....?

    im wondering out to take words out, or reformat the dictionary... not add them.


    1. is there only a limit of 30 on my AIM list?

    2. in my recent call list.. why does it say things like '1 missed call' .. then (2) missed calls then (3) missed calls even though i 'view missed calls' inbetween the calls. Its like it counts up rather then telling me HOW MANY missed calls i had. so i keep thinking its like 5 missed calls when really its the FIFTH missed call total (it recounts ones ive already viewed.. wtf)

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