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    My family bought the phone to me when they were in Hong Kong, but the keypad (7, 8, 9 buttons) are not working when I first tried it, the others are O.K. No way to ship it back to Hong Kong to get it fixed, here is quite expensive. So I was wondering maybe someone's had the same problem and could teach me how to fix it?


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    Re: Samsung U600 Keypad is not working.

    Unless you understand the mechanics of the phone i doubt you will be able to fix it yourself. did you not purchase a warranty with the phone?

    this is exactly why you do buy one, cause malfunctions happen.

    But maybe someone is up there praying for you and there is a self-made solution

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    Re: Samsung U600 Keypad is not working.

    Hiya, i bought my samsung U600 about 4months ago, it worked perfectly to start with but after about 2 months some of the keypad buttons started to freeze, they would freeze for a few hours and then work again. My buttons have now frozen completely, i have not been able to use my phone for about 1 month, the touch screen buttons still work. i also have a pin code on my phone so i cannot acess it at all now. if you read other reviews on this phone it appears to have some serious problems... suzie

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