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    i purchased a samsung blast from t-mobile recentally.

    the frist one froze up and the mp3's rarly.

    i think i figured out the problem.

    when i uploaded a .jpg img. to the phone and then i got this error. Content not SUPPORTED!!!!!

    i really like this phone and want to keep using it. but if i keep getting this error im switching to a Pearl.

    is there a way to do a master reset??? return to the phone to factory setting and the entire phone/ and wipe it clean

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    Re: Samsung Blast... MAJOR PROBLEM HELP

    This is an old post but figured I'd reply.

    You can restore factory settings in the menus but if its a jpeg you put on your phone, just delete it if its giving you errors.

    I got my phone 2/08 and its been great, no problems. I have pictures off the internet as my desktops, have put mp3's on it, just about everything you can do with it and its been good.

    Only thing that has made mine freeze is Block Breaker II the game. Have to reset phone.

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