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    The new Giorgio Armani Samsung Phone has a built in Rape Alarm. By pressing the volume control button 4 times in a row rapidly, the phone sends a SOS text message to five pre-programmed phone numbers. The phone has built in GPS, so the user can be easily located. Naturally this can be any kind of 'alert message' and not just rape.

    Other features include a built in recovery system that sends a txt message to three pre-programmed numbers if the SIM card is removed, 10mm wide, 3mp camera, 'uGo' - a system that changes the background picture depending on location and time, and a $760 price tag!

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    Re: Giorgio Armani Samsung Phone Boasts 'Rape Alarm'

    The Samsung Armani is a designer phone that is available in silver and black coloured casing. The mobile supports some of the best multimedia functions as well as high-end connectivity options.
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