#1: Is there any way to transfer music clips from your computer to the cell phone and set those clips as ring tones? i bought a bluetooth adapter for my pc and transferred 2 music files succesfully, but they're not selctable as ring tones . is there ANY WAY AT ALL around that block or am i doomed to bying songs for 2.50 each on t-zones? (btw, my phone can't go on websites, only on t-zones, which is one website...it can ONLY go on that one.) any help with this matter is appreciated, as is with the following:

#2: Are there any adapters for my phone that allow me to connect my headphones to it, since it doesn't have a headphone port? either that or is there a stereo hands-free headset available for purchase on amazon or any of the electronic giants (bestbuy, walmart, etc.)?

ANY help AT ALL is appreciated on these 2 matters, and i'll be highly appreciative of all answers. thank you for all your help!

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