i just got a samsung u520 when i signed up for my uscellular plan. after having it a week or so i ordered a bluetooth adaptor for my computer, a memory card, and a usb data cable. the bluetooth is installed and i'm working my way through it figuring it out as i go. the memory card seems to work alright, but im having problems with the data cable. it didnt come with any software, where can i get that at? i dont feel like spending $40 on it either, shouldnt a driver be included with the cable?

also i cant find much info on this phone at all, what all can i do with it? can i use my own mp3 ringtones? how do i transfer files to/from it to my computer? bluetooth or usb cable or both?

thanks, and sorry for the dumb questions, before this phone all i ever used a cell phone for was calling people.

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