I am new but had a question. So everyone drops their phone every once in a while. But the other day I had my phone open and I dropped it, picked it back up and just closed it like normal. The exterior LCD screen lit up like normal so I didn't think anything was wrong. Later I went to dial a number and saw that the interior LCD screen was not lit up. At first I thought my phone was off, but then realized that the exterior LCD was still working. I tried to turn my phone on and off again and it still stayed like this. What is wrong with my phone? I have the AT&T sync Samsung A707 and nothing is physically broken on my phone except the main(interior) LCD screen is showing a black phone. The phone still works, but I can't see anything on my main screen. What is this considered? Because the physical screen is not cracked. The screen also seems to show a little white crack-type mark but what is cracked if the outer screen is still solid? I am confused and don't know what caused it or how to go about getting it fixed. Any advice would be great! Thanks

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