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    Yep, i tried it w/o doing my homework first. Is there anyway of getting the phone out of this state (Phone Freeze) so i can start from scratch to attempt to unlock to a different Service provider? I was given the phone from an old employer, but obviously not the Cingular service....I really don't want to pay for another service; if that's the case i'll stay with the phone i currently have. Is going through Cingular (Or AT&T) my only hope on this one? Thanks for your time, and thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!


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    Re: SGH-A707 Phone Freeze?

    I had this same issue. The response I got from Samsung is that only select AT&T store or Samsung themselves can unfreeze (reflash) a phone. Do not pay $18.99 for the "Samsung Remotre Client" software unlocksamsungonline. It is a scam. It doesn't work and it cannot work. They will not refund your money either. Two things to think about: 1st - any positive messages about the software are likely posted from the company itself. 2nd - call Samsung directly and they will reflash your phone for free including shipping. Although it takes a few weeks to get it back. It's really your only choice if your local AT&T store cannot reflash your phone. If you have had a similar experience with this company, please contact me about a group effort to contact the the FTC with complaints by clicking reply. Single complaints are ignored by the FTC.
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    Re: SGH-A707 Phone Freeze?

    This guy asaulnier has a habit to not tell the whole story. So for everybody to make up their own mind this is the story:

    He tried unlocking + unfreezing his Samsung and he had some trouble, perhaps because his phone has some corrupt data or he just didn't read the manual properly and then he used a different function in our software and used up his credits by pressing the 'Reset user code' button which costs 3 credits (which is clearly stated). And then he went complaining he demanded his money back without even asking for help like normal people.

    In our courtesy we told him we can't refund him because he already used his credits but we offered him to reinstate his credits and our support to help him through the process of unlocking and repairing his phone. He refused and started making stupid threats about 'bringing us down' and about 'FTC complaints'.

    We tried helping this person but if people refuse our help we can't do very much and we will definitely not have some dude make threats about FTC blabla..

    And about the story that only Samsung and AT&T can fix phone freeze is nonsense, but I guess most of you already know that. Of course Samsung will say officially only they can do it.. Officially those million of unlock shops around the world can't unlock / repair your phone either.... ignorance is a bless.. sometimes..

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    Re: SGH-A707 Phone Freeze?

    i need to unfreeze and unlock my sgh a707 does anyone have that info

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