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    I have owned this phone for about 2 years now, and is on me at all times. It is usually in my pocket and it seems like its finally affected the buttons on the side. The side button for the ringer volume had gotten stuck, and as i was pressing it to unstick it, it affected also my "Back" and my "3" buttons on the inside of my phone. They now seem to just adjust my volume and i cannot use the "3" button to dial out nor can i use the "Back" button to exit menus etc.

    Any help would be great as it seems it has reprogrammed itself or it is really just time for a new phone. I really like this phone and would prefer not having to get another.


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    Re: Help with Samsung SPH-A920

    if i were you i would go to a phone specialist and ask them to fix it because it seems that you need to change some parts though

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    Re: Help with Samsung SPH-A920

    If you have insurance, just tell them you want a replacement. If you don't, then you can talk to Sprint about it and maybe they'll direct you to a service center.

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