I have phone it was working correctly before. however, today, the ringing tone becomes very soft to about 1 even it shows as 5. I went to the setting, it is set as 5, then I change to a different tone, it is loud! but when people call me, it is still very soft. however, when I do everything else, it was loud. just incoming ringing is very soft. I have also master reset the phone but it is still soft. anyone has idea about this? thanks!

what I have tried:
1. restart the phone few times
2. master reset
3. remove the battery.

thank you!

by the way, is there any way to waive the shipping, I have called tmobile tech support, but they said SAMSUNG asked them to ship shoping! (I never pay shipping for not my faults issue and this is the first samsung phone I have and they require us to pay for the shipping!)

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