I just purchased a Samsung SCH-R500 and in the phone it tells you that you can send data via bluetooth with a bluetooth capable device. Well when I choose a sound I want to send, under the send option it takes you directly to the picture message area so I am just curious if anybody out there knows of a way to send ringtones bluetooth with this phone. Samsung didn't even know what the hell I was talking about, they don't even know their own phone. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had a kyocera k323 until the screen died on it and I could file transfer all day with it. Also when i text sounds to motorola razr's, the razrs can't read the file and they are just mp3s!!!!! Razr's can text me sounds, why can't i send to them!!!!?????? Also when i take the micro SD card out of a friends razr and put it in my samsung, my phone acknowledges the card is in the phone and you can save stuff to it but my phone can't see any of the stuff on the card and once again they are just MP3s!!!!!!!!!!

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