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    Please if somebody can help me,I got new samsung A516,and can't put my mp3 ringtones on it.Tryed to add DRM files with sonyericson drm packager didn't work.If somebody here know what to do please tell me.Thanks

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    Re: samsung a516

    OK John
    I had a different problem with my A516 as in it would not accept music. Found a solution on line. different site.
    1: settings
    2: set phone
    3: select usb mode
    4: mass storage
    Do all this with your phone connected to a pc because the "Mass Storage " option does not show up if not. Unplug you connection and plug it in again ....Voila you have a PC connect signal running on your phone. Hope this helps


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    Re: samsung a516

    Hello all. First-time poster, so please forgive me if this is a stupid question. Trying to download photos off my Samsung a516, but just can't get it to connect (at this point I'm ready to nominate Samsung PC Studio 3 for World's Worst Software award). Anyhow, connection from phone to PC just seems very random; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Just a simple USB connection, so I can't see what the problem could be. Perhaps there is some simple solution to my problem - some common work-around or fix you are aware of. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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    Re: samsung a516

    Hey guys,
    I got the same problem as u....finally I got rid off this garbage samsung. I use now a Nokia 3110c from Asia which is not goddamn locked or mp3 ringtone locked. I even got rid off Rogers contract as they gave me this f###ng phone through a penalty. However no tech people could do flashing to remove provider default software yet.
    However I'm using my Asian Nokia handset here I'm downloading any kinda music or tune I like,,,,it can play whole mp3 song as ringtune. I downloaded lots of midi files for ringtune. God I'm glade I could get rid off this locked phone.F....ing.monopoly not with everyone they should know.
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