Hello guys...

I bought yesterday Samsung F210 and i have some questions...

1. When the swivel is closed its take you on the mp3 screen. If you receive a message you can see a message icon on the top right of the screen. But if i have a missed call there isnt a missed call icon there... Is this how its suppose to be? Can i do something about it?

2. I put the sim card that i had on the previous phone and i copied the contacts in the phone. But when i am in the contact list i see double the contacts(sim + phone). Is there any way to make it to show just sim or phone contacts?

3. When i create a new message there is the send option and the "save and send" option. When i choose the "send" option it doesnt save the message in sentbox. Is there any way that when i send the messages they automatically saved in sentbox or i have to make it manually with the "save and send" option? I remember when i had E700 it automatically saved it sendbox.

Thanks in advance.

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