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    Hello all I am new here and am looking for some answers.

    I just bought a SCH-r500 Hue from Alltel. And I cannot get connected to my PC . Here is my situation. My wife and daughter both have Razor phones that I use a Bluetooth Dongle to transfer pictures, music, and ringtones. So when I saw the R500 had Bluetooth I thought ok no problemo I will be able to as well. So far this has been a extreme headache. I have actually got the phone to pick up my PC and the software in my PC has gone as far as pairing my cell phone. That is where the buck stops though. It will not connect at all ever. Does anyone have any ideas or links to a specific post explaining how to set it up. I did search but only found 3 posts and and no luck.


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    Re: SCH-r500 Hue (Alltel)

    My husband and I are having the same problem. I cannot even get the music to download to the sd card. Do I need to use a data cable?
    Janet Brown

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