Okay so im debating wether to purchase either the Samsung f700 or helio ocean.
Samsung f700 (unlocked)
- nice interface
- stylish
- touch screen with vibetonz
- either 3mp or 5mp (either way its better than the 2mp on helio's ocean)
- youtube and google map support? (some say it has)
- 3g connectivity
- 3.5 millimeter head jack
- ONLY TRIBAND (im not entirely sure if its compatible with at&t network
- The 3.5 connectivity might not work on at&t since it doesnt support 33.5g so im wondering if it will still have 3g speeds

Helio Ocean
- nice design
- great reviews
- great features
- yourube and google map support
- 3g connectivity
- good service
- FAT and bulky
- 2.5 milimeter jack (even though it comes with an adapter, if you lose that, your screwed)

Please help me decide and if you have a samsung f700 (unlocked) can you reply with informatioin of the goodgle mpa, youtube support, conection, and 3g connectivity mysteries

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