I want a samsung m510 sooo much. it is beautiful and awsome but i have a few questions i was hoping u could help me with.
-im gonna get the pay as you go deal, so when i buy minut cards, i plug it in, there for having no bills. but when i download ringtones, it costs 99c. how do i pay for that? does it some how convert into minuts? if so what is 99c in minuts? if not how do i pay?
- it has a t.v. *wow* like an actual t.v to watch? how good is the quality, and how much does it cost to watch it. does it cost per minut or per channle, or per visut??
-last, it cost money to download music, but it doesnt cost to listen to it each time.. does it??
ur help would be greatly appreciated. thankyou ^.^

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