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    Well i've had the a930 for about 5 months now and the other day i downloaded a picture and ever since then the phone doesnt want to take pictures. When i take a picture either the screen is just black or it is green with black lines going through it. Anyone know how i can try and troubleshoot it? or will i have to try to get verizon to give me a replacement.

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    Re: Problems with the camera on Sch-a930

    I have this phone and I'm trying to visualize the problem. As far as a replacement, hopefully you have insurance. The 930 hasn't been available for awhile and a replacement will most likely be a different phone altogether.

    If you like the phone that much, it IS a cool & functional phone, you may want to try grabbing another one off of Ebay.

    Best way to alleviate being charged for transferring your contacts to a new phone, as long as it's compatible, is set up an online account with Verizon if you don't already have one. Then go to Get It Now and download Backup Assistant. The reason for creating the online account is that 'BA' is available for free with an account, $1.99/mo if not.

    When you activate another (compatible) phone, you can also download the Assistant on the new phone, and download your contacts onto it.

    Another cool feature is having it sync automatically, daily, on whatever schedule you choose. So anytime you make changes to your contact list, it will be automatically updated. You can also print this list off of the VZW website...
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    Re: Problems with the camera on Sch-a930

    your phone don't have capacity to take so much pictures so insert one memory card otherwise your phone will go hang forever.

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