I have just received a used A930 as replacement for my gf's phone (which took a swim in the toilet). The replacement phone looks like it has some quick links that are not standard to the phone.

The 1 key and the 3 key have been set so that that they do not dial a 1 or a 3.

The 1 button goes to a texting "NEW MESSAGES" screen. If you touch the 1 after having hit another number button, it goes to a "SAVE CONTACT" screen. The 3 button goes to a contact list screen. If you hit 3 after hitting another number a Capital letter P appears.

Here's what I have done to try and solve the problem. I looked at the manual online and using the manual, reset the original settings on the phone which I thought would have fixed the problem but it didn't.

The Verizon rep was equally puzzled and offered no help other than attempting to reset the orignal settings.

Any advice or help would be appreciated.

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