hey i have a samsung sch-a630 through telus & i went to sleep and it was working fine && then in the morning i looked at my phone and it says "not enough memory, message rejected" (not in those exact words) but my inbox was full with 60 new texts & it says i missed 3 calls so i read all the messages then deleted them & replied to people but i wasnt gettin any texts so i called my boyfriend & he said he left me a voice message but my phone never notified me or had the little voicemail msg icon on it so he sent me another one & kept tryin to text me but im still not gettin anything but he gets my texts when i send.
Oh & it shows when someones calling and when i missed a call but apart from that, im not gettin texts & not gettin voice mail notifications. Any ideas how i can reset it ... i reseted it in the menu but it still doesnt work. Any help is greatly appreciated.

(i have no warranty && its prepaid)

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