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    I'm a longtime T-Mobile subscriber, but I don't have a camera phone.

    A family member loaned me their Samsung E335 so I could take some
    photos and e-mail them using MMS. The phone works fine on voice calls
    and receives SMS text messages (< 160 chars) without any problem, but
    nothing that relies on MMS or WAP is working (can't send/receive photos,
    and can't access T-Mobile's t-zones home page).

    T-Mobile says that when you send your first photo message, the system
    provisions your SIM to allow incoming MMS messages as well, but I still can't
    send or receive long text (>160 chars) or photo MMS messages.

    The phone shows that incoming MMS messages are waiting, but when I try to
    retrieve these messages, after a few seconds it displays a "Network Unavailable"
    error. Same error when trying to send a photo using MMS.

    At some point during the support call to T-Mobile, I got a "HTTP request fail" error,
    perhaps when they had me try to access t-zones. Again, voice calls work fine. This
    does not appear to be a signal strength or coverage issue. I believe it is a
    configuration issue.

    I used the phone configurator on T-Mobile's website to "push" WAP and MMS
    configurations to the phone, and I've used the *#VSWAP# and *#VSMMS#
    keyboard commands to get into the service menus and check the configuration
    on the phone.

    I called T-Mobile's customer support, which is always an adventure. After they
    "pushed" an update to the phone, I could get to the t-zones home page,
    which I guess meant that WAP was configured correctly, but I still could not
    send any MMS messages containing photos ("Network Unavailable"). They had
    me do a reset on the phone, but all that apparentlydid was cause WAP to
    stop working once again. So now I'm back to where I can't access t-zones,
    and I still can't send or receive photos using MMS. T-Mobile's 2nd level
    support couldn't offer any further help.

    I don't know what their support rep sent to the phone to get WAP working
    (until we reset the phone), but the "push" messages I sent to the phone
    when I used T-Mobile's handset configurator contained the following

    For the MMS PUSH...
    Profile Name: T-Mo MMS
    Bearer: GPRS
    IP Address:
    IP Port: 9201
    URL: h t t p : // (remove spacing, followed by)
    APN: wap_voicestream_com
    (I'm showing periods as underscores to keep forum software happy)

    For the WAP PUSH...
    Profile Name: T-Zones
    Bearer: GPRS
    IP Address:
    IP Port: 9201
    URL: h t t p : / / (remove spacing, followed by) wap.t-zones.com
    APN: wap_voicestream_com

    The phone's GPRS settings are as follows...
    Port: 9201
    APN: wap_voicestream_com
    Login ID: (blank)
    Password: (blank)
    Bearer: GPRS only

    Can anyone offer any insight as to what might be the problem ??? The only
    suggestions T-Mobile's 2nd level support could offer was to try replacing the
    SIM card or replace the phone.

    See More: WAP (t-zones) & MMS Not Working - Samsung E335 on T-Mobile
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