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    OK, first of all, Samsungs are nothing like Motorolas...

    I bought my girlfriend a Samsung E236, nothing fancy, but I'd like to know:

    1) Can you use an mp3 from the transflash as a ring tone? or is it absolutely obligatory to copy it first to the cellhphones internal memory?

    with my L7 a few seem edits let me do this.

    2) Can you change the themes? The E236 only has a black and a white oriented theme which are pretty dull.

    3) Are there any programs for Samsung phone like P2K tools? I want to delete factory default images, sounds and etc.

    4) Can you change the boot up/down screens like in motorolas?

    5) Can someone point me to some of Samsungs 'secret codes' ? I have "*#8999*8378#" for test mode(and from there I raised the cellphones volume).

    6) Can backgrounds be animated?

    7) Can you change the outter display image? Along with the clock format? It only lets me choose 4.

    8) Can you leave the outter screen permanently on?

    9) Can you save images/videos directly to the transflash?

    10) Can videos be any longer than, I think, 15 seconds?


    I've been reading across a few websites already and I see a few names come up frequently. OptiFlash being one.
    I'm guessing I have to use this to dump and flash the firmware, but in the general tab I don't have a choice for the E236.

    Which could I use?

    Once I have the firmware dumped, I've came across Janukas firmware browser. Is this app useful?

    That's about it for now. Thanks to whoever read all that, and more so to whomever helps.

    Eagerly awaiting.

    EDIT: If it helps any:

    H.W. : MP0.400
    SW : E236VCGI1
    TFS : 0xdf3334d0

    PS. Can anyone tell me what all that is about?

    See More: New to modding Samsungs. A little help, please. Lots of questions.

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    Re: New to modding Samsungs. A little help, please. Lots of questions.

    Of the 30 something people who've viewed this thread, no one knows anything?

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