Hello Imo sure that this has been asked many times before but I search and could not find anything relating to my question. I just bought a samsung i730 that is on verizon but it is not activated yet its just branded for verizon. My family just told me after I bought the phone that we are switching to alltel now . Bummer. I have heard that it is compatible because they both are CDMA. I only need voice and Standard txt. I know that if i call alltel they will tell me they cant activate it
Question is:
Can I activate it and if I can how?

What will I need?

I have seen thread of people that have been successful with this but I haven't found any that refer to my model and all the instructions I find are for regular phones none that have WM 2003. On it so I'm kind of lost.

Thanks for the help and again sorry for posting something I am sure you hear about all the time.

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