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    Hi all!

    I'm pleased to tell you the software which is developed by Beijing mobile technology company, and called MCleaner, with lots of exciting new features and which can reject the incoming call and SMS, and offer mobile phone users an overall safety solution.Keep off unwanted callers,a best cell phone blocker,so its suitable for me .

    MCleaner is an easy call manager ,which rejects calls with a busy tone For incoming calls rejected, FOR flexible incoming call rejection , it has four settings, such as "Phone Busy", " Mute Ring", "Busy and Reply SMS", or "Divert Calls to", etc, so as to enable users to reject unwanted incoming calls upon their own needs..and silently filters SMS. the profile has 9 types of fast-setting rejection modes available, such as "Normal","Accept All","Block All","Accept Contacts","Accept Whitelist","Block Black list","Filter Message","Filter Call","Schedule", users may set the Profile upon their own needs. itís good for business man !!

    The set up is very simple,otherwise Real background mode. There is no need to manually turn on or hide this program all along, for the program only occupies a very small amount of system resources.

    With password protection, all records of calls and SMS rejected may be saved in mobile phone safely.Users may hide all records of dial-out/SMS related to black list with the function to hide SMS log.White list/black list manually set-up, or input from address book/inbox/call.

    MCleaner---easy CALL & SMS reject!Hope you like it!

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