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    Subject should say "OPP".

    My Phone: Samsung A640
    Vcard file version 2.1

    I am pushing a vcf file from my laptop to my phone.
    First I see a message on my phone that tells me a client wants to push - Accept: Yes or No. I select Yes.

    My laptop displays the message "Business Card transfer was successful."
    My phone displays the message "A contact was received".

    But when I look through my contacts, I can not fing the new contact. I have looked for First name & last name, and for any other corruption. I scrolled through all my contacts.

    I turned off the phone, and turned back on, looked for the contact, repushed, and researched. Every time I can not find the contact.

    I did the push from my laptop to my wifes Samsung M510, and to her laptop -- Both worked OK.

    Is there soemthing wrong with my phone? Is there a setting I need to adjust. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    See More: Bluetooth OOP succeeds, but no contact found.
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