Samsung SPH-M300 is proof of the fact that there is beauty in simplicity as well. As a mid-rang phone, the m300 offers an excellent value for your money since it offers all the basic functionality as well as some degree of advanced features. With the classic clamshell form-factor, the mirrored front face gives a nice touch to the 3.6 inches by 1.9 inches by 0.7 inch and 2.6 ounces samsung sph-m300. Compact in its design but solid in its construction, the cheap samsung sph m300 has all that it takes to make a phone user-friendly. The external display is 1-inch and 96x96 pixels and shows basic information like caller ID, signal strength and time/date etc. It is also possible to shift between analog and digital view; and this screen acts as a display in self-portrait mode. The camera of the Samsung SPH M300is centrally located on the front face, as has a shortcut key on the right spine.

When the SPH M300 is flipped open, the 2-inch display is revealed. It has a 128x160 resolution and it is possible to change the animation scheme, font size, contrast and brightness etc to your optimal benefit. The keypad has the classic Samsung look. The keys are well spaced-out and the finish gives the keys a very nice tactile feedback. The keypad of the samsung sph m300 has the regular call receive/end buttons, the central select (OK) key and a back button for easy and quick navigation.

The menus of the samsung m300 are fairly intuitive and there are three different themes for the menu so you are free to choose whatever you feel is comfortable. The samsung sph m300 reviews at Wireless galaxy give details of the VGA camera that comes with the phone. There are many options like three different qualities, pixel-settings as well as shutter sounds and the all-important self-timer. The flash is missing but the night-mode makes up for that by taking excellent pictures at night. You also get the options of adjusting colors, brightness and contrasts before and after taking the pictures and the function of digital zoom. And with the samsung sph-m300 video application download, you can have all the fun that you want.

The samsung sph m300 price is ideal for those people who want a mid-range phone mainly for receiving and making calls in addition to SMS. Other than that, there are a lot of samsung sph m300 features that make the phone very fun to use. These features include bluetooth, speakerphone, voice dialing, JAVA and a WAP browser. For a detailed description of all the features of the phone, be sure to check out the samsung sph m300 review before ordering. Although the samsung sph m300 compatibility is not at par with its competitors, it makes up for this loss by offering bluetooth and internet-browsing capabilities that make it fully customizable. And to make things even better, be sure to catch a samsung sph m300 sale to make the best of the low prices.

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