The Samsung SGH-C425 is the ideal phone for people who basically want a cell phone to make and receive calls without much hassle and with a decent set of additional features. Effectively a mid-range phone, the cheap samsung sgh c425 offers excellent value for money because of its style, usability and functionality. Announced in 2006, this phone has a candy bar form factor and is tri-band; so it can be used easily in almost all parts of the world. The c425 is available in black as well as navy blue and silver that make it look really classy. The dimensions of the phone give it the ideal size to weight ratio; and it can fit anywhere in the most unassuming manner ever.

The LCD of the Samsung SGH C425 displays very good images, graphics and text at 128 x 128 pixels. It is also 65k color. In addition, there is full vibration support as well as 16-channel polyphonic ring tone feature. The keypad is excellent with well spaced-out keys and a bright backlight. The keys are easy to press and the feedback is very nice and tactile so that typing is very very fast once you get used to the Samsung SGH C425.

The menus and interface of the samsung sgh-c425 are very logical and easy to understand. The phonebook can hold up to 500 distinct entries so you donít have to worry about ever losing your contacts or running out of space. The camera of the SGH C425 is VGA that takes pictures in 640 pixels. There are also the additional features of auto focus and auto lens adjusting. The picture quality is pretty decent considering the samsung sgh c425 price. The camera does not act as a camcorder however; but this, again, is not surprising since it is a mid-range phone.

There is full support for SMS and MMS in the sgh c425 so you can always stay in touch with your family and friends without any issues. Some basic samsung sgh c425 accessories that come in the box are the battery, AC adapter and the handset. Other than this, there is a whole list of samsung sgh c425 features that make the phone very useful. These features include stuff like clock, alarm, organizer, calendar and calculator. As you can see the samsung sgh c425 compatibility is not up to the mark but the phone makes up for that through its list of features and specifications.

There are many reasons to buy samsung sgh c425 like its very cheap price, excellent call and voice quality and reception that beats every other model in its category. Details of the technical specification can be found in the detailed samsung sgh c425 reviews available at Wireless Galaxy. You can also find an entire list of samsung sgh c425 accessory as well.

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