The latest Samsung SGH-X530 is the seamless gelling of style, usability and simplicity all packed into one small package. If you are the type of person who can’t live without style in his life, be sure to buy samsung sgh x530 as soon as possible! Measuring just 95 x 45 x 18 mm and tipping the scale at 79 g, there is an ideal size to weight ratio that makes the SGH X530 perfect for any sized pocket. The best thing about the samsung sgh x530 is not its curvy body. Its actually the modern slide design that slides the keypad out with the smoothest possible motion and the least possible effort.

There are two soft keys, call accept/reject, clear button and a central navigation key on the Samsung SGH X530 that ensure that the user has maximum control of the phone without even sliding it open. The keypad has an excellent feel to it and pressing the keys requires minimum amount of guessing and hit-and-trial. The beauty of the samsung sgh-x530, however is that the complete outlook of the cell phone will keep people guessing about the samsung sgh x530 price. At a glance, it looks like a very expensive phone due to its neat finish and a solid outlook. More on the design aspects can be found on the samsung sgh x530 reviews.

In all samsung sgh x530 review aspects, the features and the power of the discounted samsung sgh x530
are way better than the outside design. It is laden with the latest technology that gives the x530 an edge over all other phones in its category. The VGA camera on the surprisingly cheap samsung sgh x530 takes exceptional images in variable quality and settings. Pictures are captured in 640x640 resolution but memory settings can be varied according to your own choice.

There are a host of other useful samsung sgh x530 features that make the phone perfect for any kind of user. You get infrared, T9 predictive text input, JAVA MIDP 2.0 platform, and WAP 1.2 wireless web browsing. Other features of the samsung sgh x530 compatibility include integrated Handsfree speakerphone, office organizer and pre-loaded games. Additional games can also be downloaded off the Internet using the Class 10 data technology.

There are many samsung sgh x530 accessories that increase the phone’s usability and even make it a little fun to use the samsung x530. You can find a complete list on Wireless Galaxy’s cell phone accessories page. The phonebook can hold up to a generous 1000 entries. You can also enjoy the powerful feature of photo call on this phone as well as voice dialing. To find the best samsung sgh x530 accessory be sure to check out the list on Wireless Galaxy.

To get the best of the samsung sgh x530 sale, Wireless Galaxy offers the lowest prices at all times. You can purchase the discounted sgh x530 and also avail the additional facility of delivery at your doorstep. and completely free of charge.

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