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    “All good things come in small packages”. This statement couldn’t be truer than when applied to the new samsung sgh-e600. The basic design of the samsung sgh e600 is the same as the previous Samsung clamshell cell phones-but with some minor improvements that add value to the phone’s style and functionality. The main advantage in the design of the SGH e600 is its compactness. With the same classic Samsung curved design, the protruding antenna gives the phone a very classic look. The external LCD display is set in the middle that displays all the basic information like caller ID, battery life and signal strength. The samsung sgh-e600 also offers the additional function of picture caller ID that is very useful. And the best thing is that all this packed into a very small package (dimensions: 82 x 41.8 x 23.5 mm; weight: 85).

    Upon opening the samsung sgh e600 you will find a very decent LCD display that shows images and text in 128x128 pixels and 16 bit primary color display. The keypad of the e600 is surprisingly large and the keys are very easy to press and manipulate; and once you get used to the phone, typing is extremely fast and does not require the user to even look at the keypad due to the very nice tactile feedback. The backlight in the keys is white and makes for excellent visibility in the dark as well. All these and more are enough reasons to buy samsung sgh e600.

    To read more about the excellent features of the discounted sgh e600, be sure to check out the samsung sgh e600 reviews available at Wireless Galaxy. The camera of the samsung e600 specially deserves a mention. Although it is VGA, the results are exceptional. There are many functions that help you in taking the pictures as you want-for example, there are many different picture qualities, pixel settings, contrast/color balance adjustments and a night made (that makes up for the lack of flash). The cheap samsung sgh e600 can also make videos of up to 3 minutes at a time with exceptional results.

    Some of the useful samsung sgh e600 accessories that come in the box are travel charger, Handsfree kit, strap and the trademark of Samsung: an extra battery. If you find that these accessories are insufficient, you can always go through an entire list of additional samsung sgh e600 accessory that will help you make the most out of your cell phone.

    As far as the samsung sgh e600 compatibility is concerned, it is triband so it can be used virtually anywhere. It is GPRS/JAVA enabled and has the option of SMS/MMS and instant messaging. The sgh e600 offers an excellent battery time of 7-hour talk time and 150 hours of standby time. There is an entire list of useful samsung sgh e600 features that make the samsung sgh e600 price very reasonable.

    To order your very own sgh-e600, visit Wireless Galaxy and read the detailed samsung sgh e600 review. And if you find that the price of the phone is a little steep, there is always a samsung sgh e600 sale available that you can’t resist. Order now and receive your discounted samsung sgh e600 at your doorstep.

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    Re: Samsung SGH-E600

    its really sexiest and amazing phone with great features, like camera quality and good looks
    Let's rock without music...

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