Ok my sister in law has one of these phones.
Now she wants some video clip on it from snuffie bunny or something.
not sure if you heard of, its some rabbit hugging his caret to death.
typical woman thing i guess because its annoying after 2 seconds lol.

so i was being a idiot again and promised i could get it on her phone.
but to my surprise when i send the clip over with bluetooth.
it automatically got dumped in other files even though its a MP4 file and it has a read line through it so its either not recognized or something else.

i have no samsung myself got a nokia lune which only plays the sound no movie either.
and a iphone but i have not tried on that one.
though on my pc it plays as a video with audio.

anybody got an idea what could be causing this?
wanna give her bunny so she is happy, but i ran out of ideas what could be the problem.
So i am hoping somebody here can help me out.

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