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    I have a new Samsung SGH-J400 which is a clamshell phone with a large display on the inside and also a small one on the outside.

    I have tried to set a wallpaper on this small outside display, but it will only let me use 5 or 6 images that are in the "system" (the images are in "my photos", but they have a little "SYS" symbol next to them).

    I want to put a photo of one of my cats (yeah, go and laugh! ) on the front display, but I haven´t found any way to do this easily, and I guess I would need to somehow put my own image inside this "system" folder.

    Any ideas anyone?


    Barbarella a.k.a. The Mad Cat Lady

    See More: Samsung J400 - How can I get a photo on front cover display?
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