Hi there,
i've been desperate and really frustrated and really like this phone.Bought this phone from a friend here in chicago for 3 months now (T-mobile USA)used to be working fine then just all of a sudden i get EMERGENCY CALLS this past 2 weeks ,i suspected my SIM bec. it has a dent (from switching phones) and have already changed my SIM couple days ago.I also tried calling SAMSUNG USA TECH SUPPORT but unfortunately they found out that my IMEI is from middle east and not US.I also tried calling T-MOBILE TECH SUPPORT and still couldn't do anything . i have another old phone and my SIM works ok except with SAMSUNG U700.SAMSUNG USA TECH SUPPORT gave me the code for HARD RESET for factory settings and my phone accepted the code.after the hard reset i can no longer receive anything.Up to now,my phone is getting emergency calls but the funny thing before the reset i can surf the net through the phone.My phone is unlock and i have another ROAMING SIM and tried but still no luck.I went to a phone shop and see what they can do yesterday and today i called and told me it doesn't rather can't receive incoming,outgoing calls and sms,I don't know what to do anymore.PLEASE HELP,would really appreciate your time reading my post.

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