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    hello i have a upstage and i need 2 get the phone back into the programming that it was on be 4 i went and messed with it cause the battery. the battery was not holding charge not unless i had it plugged in at all times. I had it flashed but now wen i go 2 make a call it tell me that it doesn't recognize the network so i took it 2 the store 2 get it reflashed and they couldn't get the phone into the programming mode at all is there some 1 out there that can tell me what i need 2 do in order 2 get my phone up and running again.

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    Re: help with m620 upstage

    sorry about no help in this topic. however, the upstage was a phone i wanted to get for about a year but my dad thought it was better for me to get the u800.

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