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    Hi just got this great mobile only thing that pisses me off is that clock display on main display (black square “3 Jan Tue 00:16” in picture [note this picture from net don’t have one more camera to take picture of mobile]) It blocks view of my wallpaper which pisses me off. There an option in wallpapers "clock display-single” but cant change it for some reason cant scroll down to this option its italic. Can someone help me and tell I’m how to take that clock off don’t need it. Thx

    PS: Tried making own theme same thing just get rid of it thx.

    Link 2 picture dont have 20 post /cry and without the picture my post does not make sense you need to see what I am talking about.

    See More: Samsung u900 Soul help
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    Re: Samsung u900 Soul help

    unfortunately it cannot be changed. all layout of the clock for u900 is shown at the top right corner, and cannot be moved =/

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