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    Hey Everyone... managed to get MP3 tones / realtones working on the Fido Samsung SGH-A736 .

    With your previous purchased ringtones or cds you own... make your mp3 exerpt and use the Sony DRM Packager to .DM your mp3 file.

    Copy the ringtone .dm onto your memory card to the music or ringtone file.

    drop the memory card back in your phone and when you see the file in the media menu... you cannot apply as anything. Open the music .dm file and pause it... go to options and your set as menu should reappear!

    * set as voicecall ringtone
    * set as videocall ringtone etc.

    See More: FIDO Samsung SGH-A736 MP3 Ringtone

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    Re: FIDO Samsung SGH-A736 MP3 Ringtone

    How to make mp3 as a ring tune in A516?

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