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    5 days ago I bought the Samsung m530 Canadian Olympic Team Edition with a Bell plan. I have no idea whether the special Olympic promo m530 has any differences from a normal m530, but due to the lack of posts on this forum about either phone I assume they're both quite new. I know the Olympic promo that I bought is brand new.

    Up until yesterday, everything about the phone seemed completely functional and awesome. My battery ran out 2 days ago, which even though it was on for 3 days straight seemed weird. I charged it up completely and then turned it off. 5 hours later, I turned on the phone. 10 seconds after turning it on the interface froze, and then the phone shut off as if the battery had died. Every time I try to turn on the phone the same thing happens, even when the phone is plugged into the wall.

    Being that this phone is new, Bell said right when I bought the phone that they knew little about it. Because of this I cannot ask them whether or not I got a phone with a faulty battery, or if the whole Samsung m530 line has faulty batteries.

    I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to fix this phone, or past experience with this phone or Samsungs similar to it.


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    Re: Samsung 530


    Please keep us posted on what happens here. My Parents just got two of the exact same models.

    Either way, since Bell sells it, they should take care of it.

    Good luck & Keep us posted.


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    Re: Samsung 530

    Well, as it turns out, three different models of that same Samsung 530 had the same problem.
    I don't know what to say about your parents phones, because the Bell store said that they have sold other models of the same phone with no problems reported so far.

    However, after the third time, Bell let me replace the Samsung 530 with a Samsung u740 with no charge. Other than the hassle of going back and forth to the Bell store, there have been no problems since.

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