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    Hi new to the forums.

    Hi, so far I'm liking the blackjack, I got the i607 the other dy and its great so far, I have no data plan however so Im blocked off from many of the fearures it carries, But I have a question about somethings as I'm trying to navigate the phone and the available mods I've been reading about.

    For one, I was wondering if there is anyway to receive local (not the built in xm) radio channels on the blackjack, my previous phone had this built in and I loved the feature.

    Next I'm just curious as i've never done any kind of forwarding (besides port forwarding, lol...) before, and I was wondering if it's possible to forward specific calls to another number, or am I limited to forwarding either all calls or none.

    Also curious if voice dialing or phone call recording is possible (I realize these probably aren't as I probably would have seen them at some point, but I just want to ensure there isnt some mod I could employ to do this)

    Lastly i'm wondering If I can copy my sim contacts to the phones outlook contacts, I've been trying to do this for a while and I can't seem to figure out if its even there or not.//

    For the record this is my first "smartphone" and I've already done the app unlock mod if that helps anything.

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    Re: New blackjack user...questions.

    The Samsung Blackjack does not have an FM tuner so you cannot receive radio broadcasts directly. There are some phones with built-in tuners but they use a wired headset as the radio antenna. One of those is the Nokia
    N75. The Blackjack does not have built-in voice dialing but requires you to purchase a Microsoft program called Voice Command. The program does not work through a Bluetooth headset but only through the phone's speaker.

    The phone alone can only forward all calls to an alternate number other than your voicemail. You use your minutes for calls forwarded to a number other than your voicemail. There are commercial programs which can selectively handle incoming calls. Depending upon how the program works, you could also use your airtime.
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