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    Hi again, I spent a good while searching the forums and google, and I still can't find a proper response to this. I was trying to follow the guide to unlocking a samsung, however my blackjack 1607 is a smart phone and it's asking me first and foremost about a network pin (i assume it is, cuz thats whats in the upper left hand corner when it loads up with a different network sim) so My questions are simple; cani i unlock the i607 by myself (without need to call att), what is this networ pin, and are there negative effects with unlocking the backjack and using a different network sim? Thanks for any and all answers and if i didnt look hard enough and this was asked before, i appologize.

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    Re: Network Pin?

    no you cannot, every IMEI number (thus every phone) has a specific network pin, no two phones will be the same. If you have been with at&t for a year i believe they will hook up the unlocking code for you.

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