i know the engineering code *#0523# when i put it in it says

press back key

or # key

TM command:1120

then i press #

nothin happens

then i press # again

and i get alot of weird numbers

then i press # again then

1 debug screen
2 mm information
3 rr information
4 gsm neighbour call
5 gprs information
6 sim information
7 handover call log
8 phone control
9 antenna test (setup/view)

i guesses i should hit phone control next so i hit 8 then

1 drx [ON]
2 fake security [off]
3 nas control
4 change state
5 thermister [off[
6 upload funct
7 runtime simul
8 2mode perf on/off
9 hedge_wedge on/off

i dont know where to go from here to make it where i can use jar files on here can someone help me if i did anything else wrong please correct me i dont really know what im doing please help

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