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    Alright, this is gonna be a weird request, but I'll go ahead anyway.

    My girlfriend's cellphone is the Samsung A737, and for whatever reason, its LCD became cracked (dunno if it's water damage, but there's a blue line in front of a white display, and it doesn't show the interface anymore). But the phone still seems to receive calls and such. We just can't see anything on her phone's LCD display except for that white screen with the "crack" across it...

    The problem is, her phonebook is saved on the phone's memory, and it was not configured to save automatically onto a SIM card or the micro (go figure). She has close to 100 business contacts on that phone so she considers that contact list more important than the phone itself.

    So my dilemma is, I wanna let her use my old Sony Ericsson K618i in the meantime, but again the problem is her phonebook list - since it isn't saved on a SIM card on her phone, I can't transfer it to my phone, and since I can't see anything on the LCD, we don't know how to navigate so that it'll enable us to save all contacts onto her SIM card.

    Now, I'm aware that there's a USB sync cable we can use, but for whatever reason that thing is so troublesome (not detecting the right drivers), and I figured that the easiest way to transfer the contacts is for someone with the same phone to walk me through on how to do it, from the moment you turn on the phone onwards...

    So if anyone has the same phone (Samsung SGH-A737), can you walk me step-by-step on what to press in order to save the phonebook onto the SIM card? Kinda like guiding a blind man on what to press on the phone!

    Any help on this will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Anyone who has the Samsung SGH-A737, I need a favor!

    ok here goes.
    starting with the phone slid closed.

    1. slide open phone.
    2. press the left soft key (menu)
    3. press down once. (this brings you to contacts)
    4. press the middle button (this selects contacts)
    5. press the "2" key. (explained below.)
    6. press the left soft key (options, now be sure that when you select options that you are on a contact that is on the phone, and not one of the ATT contacts, or a contact on the sim card. id suggest first pressing a letter so that it takes you to the contacts beginning with "A" for example.)
    7. press down 12 times. (brings you to copy to sim)
    8. press right once. (selects copy to sim)
    9. press down once. (highlights 'multiple')
    10. press the middle button. (selects 'multiple')
    11. press the middle button again. (selects "All")
    12. press the left soft key (copies contacts to sim. at this point a menu may pop up that you cant see. it says that some info will be lost (like the group they were in, not numbers) so press the left soft key again after step 12.)

    now depending on how many contacts you have it may take a while. because the sim card can only hold 250 contacts, you may fill it up. i dont know how those menus work because ive never done that. so give it some time after the last step (2-3 minutes). then press the left soft key again. this just says "ok" after the copying was done. then your phone should be ready to go.

    anything else... just let me know.

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    Re: Anyone who has the Samsung SGH-A737, I need a favor!

    This description works. My son called me and had me read this to him as he wrote it down since he was on vacation and had no internet access. He later called back and said it worked, he was very happy as he is still socially connected to his friends! Your post saved his day. Thanks so much.

    He had to try it twice and it worked the second time. He figured the first time he paused to read the instructions and the screen probably went dark (though he couldn't see his screen at all), so when he pressed a button it probably just lit the screen back up. The second time, he was prepped and ready and did it fairly quickly. It was wonderful- though pressing that button 12 times was fairly challenging.

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    Re: Anyone who has the Samsung SGH-A737, I need a favor!

    A follow up to this - an absolute lifesaver! I couldn't figure out at first why the steps didn't line up with my phone... turns out I have my menu set to "list menu" rather than "grid menu". If you use the "list" format here are the steps to switching your phone so you can use the above instructions:

    1. slide open phone.
    2. press the left soft key (menu)
    3. press 9 (Settings)
    4. press 2 (Set Profiles)
    5. press 1 (Display Settings)
    6. press 3 (Menu Style)
    7. press the middle button to save
    8. press the red "hang up" button to get you back to the starting point for the next steps.

    I hope this helps someone - it saved me (168 contacts)!
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