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    I hope someone out there can help me. I have moved to South Korea for two years for business reasons and I have been trying to get a PDA with a qwerty keyboard and an english version of windows mobile that I can register with a Korean network.

    I bought a Samsung SGH i780 in the UK because I was told by the UK Samsung helpline that it would work over here, but unfortunately it will only work on a roaming tariff from a UK provider but it can't be registered over here. Clearly this would be a very expensive option.

    So now financially worse off I am looking to buy a Korean blackjack but the problem is they are loaded with a Korean version of windows mobile, does anyone know if it is possible to uninstall this and then reload an English version? If so would you mind letting me know because I think I am about to pull whats left of my hair out!

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    Re: Need to change the version of windows mobile

    even i am looking out for a solution to un-install korean version of Mindows mobile 6.0 and update to english version. pls help

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